Farm Share Fresh

Tonight’s dinner was brought to you by our weekly farm share. We joined this year and month about a month in. All I can say is where has this been all of my life?! I love it because A) you get fresh, local fruits and veggies once a week (which is wonderful when living in the city) and B) it forces you to try new recipes, with the challenge of using all of your ingredients.

Today’s meal: pork kabobs marinated in a kale, mint, and basil pesto served along side snap peas, squash, and a strawberry salad with kale, lettuce, mint, walnuts and a local goat cheese.


For the pesto I used a base recipe from Eating Well. I didn’t measure it out, just added these ingredients with some salt and olive oil to a food processor.



Kale & Mint Pesto
One small bunch of kale (a handful of leaves)
One sprig of mint, leaves only
Small bunch of basil leaves (10-12)
1/4 cup of almonds
One garlic clove, quartered
Juice of half a lemon
Olive Oil

Blend ingredients in food processor, streaming in oil at the end until pesto reaches desired consistency.


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