Camping Out

For the last few years my husband and I have gone camping once or twice a year with friends and family. Last weekend we ventured out on our own for a night, up to Macedonia State Park. With just the two of us, we decided to keep the eats simple, but still wanted healthy food to help us recover from our hikes. With a bit of prep at home, and a master fire starter, our meals came together in a snap! Something about the outdoors and being around a campfire, makes everything delicious!

For dinner, we brought along sausages from our local butcher,and a potato veggie packet. Prepping the packs at home meant all we had to do was toss them on the fire.

Potatoes, onion and kale.
Potatoes, kale, tomatoes and herbs.

All you have to do is chop up some kale, potatoes (I used yukon gold), tomatoes, onions and fresh herbs. We had some basil, rosemary and chives growing, so I used those.


First, lay out your heavy duty foil and spray with olive oil. The foil should be at least a foot long to be able to fold in half. On one half of the foil, layer your potatoes, veggies and spices. Fold the foil in half and then fold up each side twice. Make sure to press the seams so everything holds. Dinner prep done!

I also made a pack of squash from our farm share, following the same method.


Breakfast was similar, sweet potatoes, onions and kale mixed with chipotle seasoning and served with bacon.


Dinner cooking!


Super easy, minimal clean up, and satisfying. Doesn’t get much better!




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